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The Sunday Guardian
The Sunday Guardian is a weekly newspaper circulated within New Delhi, India and is also available in London under the name ‘India on Sunday’. The paper is targeted at educated, conscious and aware young individuals.

The project aimed at transforming the newspaper from print to digital medium to expand and reach more readers. I worked on all phases of the project that included deconstructing the print newspaper, wire-framing, information architecture and the final website design.

Guardian 20 – A 20 page supplement in print

The strength of the newspaper lies in its highly opinionated writing. It has eminent writers as columnists who provide their notable views and thoughts on the current as well as on going issues.

Their supplement issue Guardian 20 is a strong piece of media in itself. It carries interesting articles and covers everything from art, music, books, technology, cculture to youth. This supplement has excellent photographs which became a central theme of the website .

It being a new entrant in the industry, lend to fearless experimentation with content to gauge reader engagement. The fresh use of colour and an unusual combination of Farnham Display and DIN also helped in creating a unique identity.

Deconstructing the content in the print newspaper
Assessing the depth and width of the website

Sketching wireframes for the main newspaper and the supplement

The Sunday Guardian – home page

Guardian 20 – home page (one level deep on the website)

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