Anoushka Garg is a visual and interaction designer bringing a life-lens to design and technology.

Intro to programming

02 weeks
CIID, 2017

Kelvyn Marte

guided by
Annelie Banks Berner,
Joshua Noble,
Dennis Paul,
Jacob Remin

Observatorium is a playful, interactive tool that lets you add stars, planets and constellations as sounds to an existing galaxy soundscape. The galaxy soundscape is composed using a metronome with multiple pendulums with each pendulum representing a beat. The tone of the pendulums is determined by the angle and various instruments can be picked from other milky ways.

This project was a result of a collaboration between varied programming-skill levels after three days of introduction to programming using P5 and Processing, IntelliJ IDEA and Ableton LIVE for advanced learners. The project explored the communication between the client (computer running P5) and the server (computer running Processing).

The work was presented as a live sound performance, with both computers collaborating in creating one soundscape.

Find the project code on Github

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