Anoushka Garg is a visual and interaction designer bringing a life-lens to design and technology.

Experimental Imaging

01 week
CIID, 2017

Kelvyn Marte,
Arvind Sanjeev, Bora Kim,
Benedict Hübener,
Esther Bretschneider

guided by
Matt Cottam, Mikhail Mansion

LeapHop is an interactive experience which invites the user to reveal images in space through moving his finger, just like a scratch-card it gradually reveals the image. It builds an additional level of surprise for the maker, as the image is only revealed when captured on a camera.

The accompanying video is composed of a series of long exposure shots which were stitched together to create a single animation.

The position of the index finger is tracked using LeapMotion and this precise position of the finger is then used for further computation. In Processing, the position of the finger is mapped to the coordinates of an ordinary image to extract the color of that particular point. In turn, an RGB LED attached to the index finger lights up in the extracted color. That way any shape or photograph can be made visible by just drawing the light with the finger, the LED will change the color value accordingly to the current position of the finger in space.

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