Gearing millennials to
 self manage money for

a financially planned future

Digital, 2018

Kekao is a service that guides millennials to make better financial choices by learning their tastes, aspirations and plans in a conversational way.

Tell as much (or as little) as you want
Kekao helps making money choices easy—customers pick an advisor that best represents their current views on money and determine how much they would like them to know.

Understand  behaviours around money
Kekao will ask a series of questions to learn about customers’ current behaviours around money along with the short-term and long-term goals they’re interested in. Kekao will then gently nudge the customer towards actions based on their preferences.

Find everything in one place
Kekao combines customers’ offline (bank/ insurance/ investments) and online (digital payments / WeChat deals & promotions / Other wallets) into one place. Hello consolidation!

Oversight and switching
Kekao helps customers get the most out of their buck and is constantly on a look out to get them the best deals/ prices to achieve goals and maximize saving.