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Pivoting Denmark’s largest retailer to deliver convenience at your doorstep

Digital, 2021

Led the CX team that included 2 Visual Designers, 4 Service & IxD Designers, and a Copywriter at Fjord Copenhagen

Salling Group is an integral part everyday life in Denmark with more than 600 stores, 50,000 employees and a large number of unique, well-known brands. The oldest of these brands, føtex, launched in 1960. 2021 marks a new era as føtex launches a new online grocery store and home delivery—and Salling Group's largest ever investment in digital.

We envisioned, designed and built a minimal lovable product, which caters for customers when they're in either the "hunting" or "browsing" mindset. We were involved in the entire end-to-end delivery of the new service, including an advisory role in influencing operational aspects that always held the customer experience at the core.

The solution is omni-channel e-commerce, where customers can order groceries via desktop, tablet, mobile web or app. Whichever platform a customer chooses, experience is paramount, all versions work together across technologies, and shopping on-the-go is easy.

The grocery store combines with a recipe universe to offer inspiration and save people time. With sustainability and climate as key considerations, each recipe has a green score that inspire responsible choices.

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