Dance Match with Cats

Physical / Digital, 2017

Christopher Bogar, Keyur Jain

Special thanks
Andreas Refsgaard, Gene Kogan, Ankitt Modi

Ever heard of Grumpy Cat? If not, start googling.
Images and videos of domestic cats are some of the most viewed content online and what better way to start a party than to combine videos of the unofficial mascots of the internet and bad dancing.

In the party game Dance Match with Cats the player has to mimic the different cat movements in the video by dancing them out and make their way through the game, being graded as they go by a thumb up or a thumb down.

Using machine learning the artificial intelligence was trained via Wekinator by Dynamic Time Warping to recognise the differences between movements in each cat video. The dancing is captured by a Microsoft Kinect, checked against the data set in Wekinator and then sent to Processing, to properly provide feedback to the player if they’re mimicking the movements correctly.