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Wolff Olins

Sebastian Klien (Design Director),
Fluer Isbell (Designer),
Zia Patel (Lead Strategist

Airtel 4G
Strengthening our relationship, Wolff Olins was approached by airtel to help them understand how they could add  4G technology to their suite of offerings.  Partnering with airtel, we positioned airtel’s new technology in India as the new way of getting on the internet.

Though speed is the most obvious interpretation of the new technology, we explored ideas to express the same in a way that isn’t generic and still cuts through.

We looked at 4G as not mere visuals of speed but what speed enables. A brand to help you do things you couldn’t do before. Building on airtel’s brand value of‘connectedness’, we imagined 4G as a faster way to connect, to get online, to make memories and share them with your loved ones and thus came ‘4G4U’.

4G4U is your friend, guide, companion that empowers you to connect better, faster and more often. This playful yet purposeful brand idea changed the image of 4G and it instantly became less about speed and more about how this technology seeps into the lives of people.


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