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Wolff Olins

Sebastian Klien (Design Director),
Zia Patel (Lead Strategist),
Peter Norris (Account Director)



Connecting India
Airtel, a global telecommunications company ranked  the fourth largest in the world approached Wolff Olins with a very interesting project. With the market evolving from voice driven offerings to data-led services, airtel decided to extend its positioning to become the "most preferred" network for smartphone users.

As creative partners, we developed a new style of imagery and the visual expression to compliment their new brand positioning in the digital age.

Building on the existing elements of the brand, thus came to life an energetic, spirited and youthful visual expression. A flexible system comprising of amorphous, ‘life’ like forms, a friendly approachable typeface and everyday moments captured through photography. While we outlined how airtel bridged the gap and aligned with it's customers better we also helped them simplify their offer, giving them a structure for how to think about – and how to name – their products and features.

While much of our focus at this time was on helping airtel to change from within, enabling them to imbibe the new alive and zealous spirit of the brand, we were also developing tangible assets – including a brand lookbook, packaging and advertising guidelines – with the tools, know-how and guidance to keep things on course when we weren't around.

You can view the refreshed airtel lookbook here

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